Edge banding (Melamine & PVC )

Modecor Egypt offering Melamine and PVC edge bands Matching to all Modecor Egypt Panel and laminate decors .
It is Flexible materials suitable for finishing the exposed edges and completes furniture edge perfectly.

DATA SHEET FOR Edge banding (Melamine & PVC )

Special Characteristics

  • Elasticity, good adhesion, low melt viscosity, good oxidation, good heat sealing prosperities and heat resistance.
  • Pre-glued Modecor Egypt banding exhibits good wetting , excellent transfer characteristics and high tack with fast setting


  • Lacquered For maximum Protection and gloss control
  • Concave back surface allows for maximum adhesion with minimal glue lines.
  • Superior machinability for easier processing
  • Softer material makes handling and trimming easier control
  • Same color after trimming the edge
Pre-glued Edge bands


  1. Unreel the required length of Modecor Egypt band
  2. Fix firmly against the surface required to be covered and apply heat and even pressure, at the spot, attaining a temperature of around 140°- 160 ° C.
Non-Glued Edge bands
  1. Apply any water-based adhesive (PVAc) to the edge of the substrate
  2. Allow for drying till the glue is tacky
  3. Carefully align The Modecor Egypt band with the décor side up on the glued surface and fix firmly by applying even pressure

ISO Certificate